December 12, 2012

Mannequins Are People Too!

Yes, it's true, mannequins are people too, 
and I set out to prove it. 

The first thing I discovered was this kid who 
apparently plummeted from his designated 
show-off shelf in the Boy's Department.  
Probably rough housing! 

Nearby, I found these three girls dancing to YMCA.
Very life like, don't you think?
You know it makes you want to dance!

And what could be more human
than hats for the headless?
(Gap Kids)

Next, I encountered these bald-headed Irish ladies.  They really piqued my interest until I realized they were following me!    
It took me awhile but I eventually gave them the slip.   
No really!
I was near the slips and I threw
one at them so I could get away.

You can rely on these gals.
They'll stick their necks out for you!  

As soon as I saw this Blue Babe, I grabbed her and began performing the Heimlich Maneuver.  When that didn't work, I threw her to the ground and gave her mouth to mouth.  I quickly realized, however, that blue was her natural color.  
Boy, did I feel like a nincompoop!

My grandsons, Preston and Triston, are
hiding behind Blue Babe's blue friends.  
I think my not-so-life-saving antics embarrassed them.

Oh and then...
this is just wrong.

Not only are these stylish young ladies

sporting a rare head of hair but it's long!
(Love Culture)

More hair but not as long!
I guess the bossy broad needs her space.
(Forever 21)

Something is afoot here.
Not exactly mannequins but they seem to fit.
(Earthbound Trading Company)

Mod Missies with square tattoos and big jewelry.
It's very 2012!
(JC Penney)

A half-body checkered tattoo!
Wouldn't the red necklace on the Mod Missy
above look just divine on this Marvelous Mama?
(Vera Bradley)

In all likelihood, this Lovely Lulu is an avid reader!
She's is my very favorite too!
(Altar'd State)

Clearly, something has gone awry here!
But haven't we all felt like this at one time or another?

And finally...
What woman hasn't had this experience in the mall?
You're wandering around in your blingy high heels with your shiny bald head sticking out when your clothes fall off, and your undies creep down enough to show your heinie crack!
We ALL hate it when that happens, don't we?
(JC Penney)

May your every day be filled with
an abundance of fun Mumbo Jumbo.


  1. Don't know how I missed this post!!! Laughed out loud!!

  2. Well thank you so much for your nice comment on my blog and for stopping by. Had you not, I would not have found your blog and enjoyed and laughed at your them!

    Happy Creating!

    Aileen's Musings
    Outside The Margins